BackstoryAI helps you create characters. Using cutting-edge generative AI technology, BackstoryAI generates engaging biographies and stories for your characters.

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How it works

  1. Make your character

    Add as much or as little detail as you'd like to quickly generate biographies with a compelling, unique photo.

  2. Expand with stories

    Build up your character with key stories generated from brief prompts.

  3. Get creative

    Add creativity and spice to your story with our unique prompt-shuffle feature.

  4. Share with the world

    Easily share your characters and their stories with others to spread the joy.

Use cases


BackstoryAI helps authors envision characters and create rich stories about them.

Product Managers

BackstoryAI assists product managers in creating user personas for their products.


BackstoryAI allows therapists to role-play more realistically with their patients.


BackstoryAI helps screenwriters create more realistic characters for their movies and TV shows.

Game Developers

BackstoryAI helps game developers create more realistic characters for their games.


BackstoryAI helps parents create quick bedtime stories starring their kid's favorite make-believe friend.

BackstoryAI is in beta

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